Benefits of Using

Benefits of Using

What are the Benefits of Using the Back to Business as Usual Directory?

I am a website developer, small business marketing consultant, website programming architect and search engine optimization (SEO) expert.

External SEO Benefits for Your Website

ANY one-way "follow" link to your website is easily worth $50 a year or more for its ability to raise your reputation in search engines.  Quality in-bound (one-way) links are still the single most important element of an effective, external SEO campaign.

The directory is database-driven, however, we have turned on what is called the "re-write engine" so your URL will be SEO friendly. - Regardless of this, you have a quality, in-bound, one-way link to your site.  The URL change adds your business keywords to your url, which adds a bit more strength to your listings SEO "juice".

For example, the directory listing for one of my businesses is this:  The program "automagically" re-writes the name of your listing to include the name of your business.

Giving Benefits for your Soul

The small fee that we charge is primarily there to prevent abuse, but it does provide a bit of income to enable us to maintain the directory for you.  

Thank you for participating.  In a small but tangible way, you are helping to keep this movement growing.  In a larger, significant way, you are a part of a courageous business "army" that is fighting for your God-given and US Constitutionally protected rights of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Attracting UNCommon Sense Patrons to Your Business

Additionally, we are promoting this directory as we can to freedom lovers in the USA and encouraging them to frequent businesses that are standing against this current TYRANNY!




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