How to Use

How to Use

How to Use the Directory

1) You must register first.

2) After registration, you can start adding content to your listings.  You may add as much description as you want and images, too.

  • You may upload any size images, but the scale that is best is 600px X 450px.
  • The first image in order will serve as your icon for your listing and will be scaled down to 90px X 689px.  If your image is not to scale, it will be cropped to fit as needed.

3) You may select the appropriate categories for your listing.

4) For your listings to go live, you must select a term between 1 and 100 years and make payment via PayPal to Bigfoot.Marketing.

5) After your payment is completed successfully, you may return and edit your listings any time you want.  If you don't see your listing as you expect, be sure to REFRESH your browser on the directory page.



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