Rules and Cost for a Listing in the Back to Business Directory

The Back to Business as Usual Directory


NO ridiculous masks.  NO "social distancing."  NO nonsense.

Does Your Business Qualify?

If you are a small, local business and you are operating as described above, add your business to this directory and we'll do our best to promote your business, so you can sell more of your products and services, and thereby fill your bank account up with our money!

If your business is following the mandates of TYRANTS (mask wearing, social distancing and whatever new nonsense they come up with), you are either:

1) IGNORANT (understandable) or you are a

2) COWARD (unfortunate); don't become a

3) LIAR (disgraceful) as well.

If you don't agree, just don't join.
Let the rest of us fight for you, too.


Choose 1 year to lifetime.  We are only charging a minimal directory listing fee to cover administrative costs and to prevent abuse.

  • $10 for 365 days (1 Year)
  • $25 for 1,825 Days (10 Years)
  • $50 for 18,250 Days (100 Years)




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